WooWoo Work

WooWoo Work

What the Heck is WooWoo Work?

In short, it’s energy work. But using that term “energy work” bugs me so I came up with my own descriptor: woowoo.

Woowoo is basically me working as a vessel to move crap out and allow yummy joy and light to move in. I use a combination of techniques to safely support you in releasing traumas, stress, and limiting beliefs & patterns that affect health, energy level, and general well-being. With gentle hand placements on acupressure points, healing energy (woowoo) is directed into specific areas of your body. These techniques clear blockages on a cellular level to facilitate your body’s self-healing potential.

I offer two hour sessions which includes time for conversation and joy coaching (1 hour) and then the actual woowoo work (1 hour). I also offer one hour sessions which includes 15 minutes of chatting and then 45 minutes of woowoo work.


Request pricing and an appointment by filling out the form below. Remote appointments are also available if you are not local to the Boston area.