Kind Words

Coco is incredibly supportive and 110% invested in helping her clients on their own terms. She possesses a gift to clearly see and fully listen to people with her whole heart, strategically guiding them through carefully crafted and’ thoughtful questions, her abundance of experience, and her own innate wisdom.”
-Beth W.

“Coco was very authentic and real…very important when leading a group through “change” and imagining what that change can be.”

-Group participant


She has a knack for asking questions you didn’t know you had, requiring you to think about not only your goals but whether these goals align with your priorities, values and beliefs. Coco digs deep to help you arrive at your own answers, yet also gives sound advice, structured next steps and easy to implement strategies to move forward. This process leaves you feeling grounded and focused, but most of all confident.”
-Coaching client

“Coco was wonderful at creating a safe space to explore and create. Her guided meditation was the perfect transition from a hectic day to a focused mini-retreat for me!”

-Group participant


“As a mom, it was a wonderful way to set aside some time myself and think about goals and priorities that I have. It felt like such a luxury to sit around with others focused on all of our lives. We all shared our motivations for coming to the class. Then Coco led us through a guided visualization, which she certainly has a talent for. It was easy to follow her quick visual journey. From there we set about the crafting part of making our own board with the provided craft supplies and magazines. It was a very relaxing process. I look at my board all the time – reminding me of that time we had to create and a reminder to do the things I love. Over this last year, I have done more of the things I love.” 
-Anne I.


 “Most of all? Nicole holds space for you, wherever you are on your journey in life. Experiencing turmoil? She will hold your hand and listen with compassion. Feeling excited to move forward but unsure where to start? She will help you map out your vision and provide ongoing motivation. Have a success you want to share? She will be celebrating right alongside you. Simply put, when you work with Coco you will walk away feeling as if you have a true ally.”
-Beth Ruse


“Coco did such a great job leading us through a centering mediation and helping us to get into the right mindset to create a vision board. I left feeling energized about my future and keep my board on my desk as a reminder of a great day and what is important to me. If you are feeling like you need focus, a vision board with Coco’s guidance will be a great tool.”
-Jackie G.


“I highly recommend the Vision Board workshop with Coco. She is a very experienced facilitator and created a safe, relaxed, inspiring space for us all to stop, breathe and think about what we are doing in our lives and what we might want to change.I was surprised to see which images, words and inspirations spoke to me when we walked through the visualization process. Coco supported the group with her guidance and inspiring approach to allow for the creative juices to flow. It’s a great way to process for change or affirm all the good things in our lives. Take the time to treat yourself – you won’t regret it. ”
-Alex C.