“Palm” Sunday

“Palm” Sunday

This past weekend was the March for Our Lives event where people marched all over the country… and the world. Yesterday was also Palm Sunday. Thinking about the “palm” and it’s symbolism in the Christian faith led me to think about palms of our hands. I thought about how I use my hands to pray but I also use my hands to “do.”

I’ve seen some polarizing posts lately about “prayers versus action.” This has been bugging me a little bit. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. There is power in both.

I am inspired by those using their hands to write their concerns to people in office. I am inspired by the iGeners/GenZ and all the people who have used their feet and voices to march and protest for a better community to live in. I am inspired by those that pray with love and intensity for a better world. If you’re using whatever abilities you have to make change happen, thank you.

#marchforourlives #palmsunday🌿 #powerofprayerandaction

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