A Little Bit About Me (Coco)

A Little Bit About Me (Coco)

Since I’m launching this new gig, I thought it might be helpful to share a little bit about myself. For more of a narrative, scroll down. For the quick and dirty…

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, CA
Went to school in North Carolina for Public Health Education and Early Childhood Education
Moved to Boston for a job at Harvard Medical School (how could I pass that up!?!?)
Decided Boston wasn’t for me and started making plans to move. But then met my husband and I’m still here almost twenty years later
Had some kids

(in no particular order)
Forward thinker
Joy Coach
Wannabe writer
DIY beauty care maker
Owner of Nourish With Coco
Group facilitator
Caretaker of plants and gardens
Farm-to-table food fan
…and treehugger


Narrative Bio

Through my own personal heart reawakening, working with my own coach and examining what truly gets me jazzed, I created Nourish With Coco. It is my passion business – offering one-on-one coaching, group work and collaboration to help others experience more wellness and joy in their lives. I firmly believe this is my calling.

One of the assessments I did with my coach, StrengthsFinder 2.0was helpful in identifying and understanding my innate talents, bringing more clarity and alignment to the work I was meant to do. Once I examined these talents closer, my passion work became clear and Nourish was launched.

As a professional, I have had the great opportunity to work with interesting people and hone in on some pretty awesome skills: facilitating groups, listening, building relationships, marketing, content writing, and changing culture – just to name a few.

I’m also a fan and on-going learner of the farm-to-table movement, including backyard gardening and cooking. My obsession with good, healthy food also led me to build eleven raised beds in my backyard where I grow vegetables and beneficial flowers. This experience has helped me appreciate the gift of nature and the reciprocity that happens when you pay attention to the natural world around. I also believe that growing, cultivating, harvesting, cooking and consuming good food (and flowers!) empowers individuals, provides food equity, and contributes to holistic health.

Speaking of equity, one other area of personal curiosity and interest is cultural “equity, diversity & inclusion (ED&I). I am currently on an ED&I Committee at a local nonprofit where we create a safe opportunities in the workplace for conversations and learning around this sensitive area. Through this work, my eyes have been opened on racism, gender identity and language, and better ways to support people with disabilities . I am in ongoing learning about my own implicit biases, how to play an active role in ally-ship and acknowledge (and possibly help change) the daily challenges people of the non-dominant culture face. Although this work is often hard and uncomfortable, I am humbly grateful for it. Sounds like this could be a blog post? Stay tuned.

Oh and that heart reawakening? That was another catalyst for launching this business. I refer to it as a RE-awakening because something similar happened to me when I was fifteen. Back then, it was an awakening of faith and this time it was an awakening of faith in action. Maybe someday I’ll  blog about the specifics but for now, just know that both experiences have moved me deeply into faith with the Divine Spirit.

Last but certainly not least I am a mom to two FABULOUS daughters. Truly…my girls are my greatest joy and what I am most proud of in my life. I would say that much of what I have learned about myself has come from being a parent to them…and there is still so much more to learn.








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